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  • The Dead Zone a.k.a Stephen King´s Dead Zone


    Production Locations: The United States of America (USA), Canada

    Language: English

    Runtime: 45 min.

    Genre: Drama, Mystery, Science fiction, thriller, Suspense

    Episodes: 80 in 6 Seasons

    Special episodes about Remote Viewing: Episode 16 (total 29) in the 2nd Season (The Hunt)

    Production Years: 16th of June, 2002 – 16th of September, 2007

    Original Release Date: 16th of June 2002 (USA) on USA Network

    Director: James Head, Michael Robison, Mike Rohl, Robert Lieberman, Rachel Talalay, Kevin Speckmaier, Jon Cassar, Shawn Piller, Erik Canuel, Jefery Levy

    Writer: Michael Pille, Shawn Piller

    Music: Patric Caird, Roy Hay, Shawn Pierce

    Production Companies:

    Crescent Entertainment (2002-2004) (seasons 1-3) Lionsgate Television, The Segan Company (2002–2006) (seasons 1-5) Modern Entertainment (2002–2004) (seasons 1-3) Piller2 (2002–2006) (seasons 1-5) The Piller/Segan Company (2007) (season 6) Paramount Network Television (2002–2006) (seasons 1-5) CBS Paramount Network Television (2007) (season 6) Dead Zone Production Company


    Anthony Michael Hall, Nicole de Boer, Chris Bruno, John L. Adams, Spencer Achtymichuk, Connor Price, David Ogden Stiers, Sean Patrick Flanery, Bill Mondy, Carry Chalk, Kristen Dalton, Johanna Olson, Frank Whaley, Sarah Wynter, Martin Donovan, Laura Harris, Jennifer Finnigan, Cara Buono, Jim Francis, Michael Saint John Smith, Anna Hagan, Suleka Mathew, Michael Kopsa, Rick Tae, Ian Thompson, Sonja Bennett, Dominic Louis, Sandra Guerard, Don S. Davis, Anita Adam, Patrick Keating, Chris Shields, Dawn Chubai, Michael Rogers, Gina Chiarelli, Emily Holmes, Campbell Lane, Alvin Sanders, Benjamin Ratner, Dedee Pfeiffer, Fulvio Cecere, Cole Heppell, Nancy of helmet, Andrew Mackay, Sam Stone, Fred Keating, Jesse Moss, Tim Henry, Sarah Deakins, Anthony Ulc, Julia Arkos, Manoj Sood, Zook Matthews, Chelan McKenzie, Keith Gordey, Steven Cree Molison, Michael Adamthwaite, Malcolm Scott, Eric Breker, David Neale, Karin Konoval, Andrew Wheeler, Adrien Dorval, Doron Bell, Chris Kalhoon, Stephen Park, David Coles, Angelo Renai, Kendall Saunders, James Purcell, Nicola Crosbie, Patricia Drake, Evan Smith, Jessica Amlee, Aaron Pearl, Raugi Yu, Carmen Lavigne, John Hainsworth, Kendall Cross, mitre Loraz, Bobby Brown, Alvie Leeper, Jennifer Kitchen, Fran Gebhard,
    Nicole LaPlaca, Fabrice Grover, Mercedes de la Zerda, Chris Kelly, Janina Dall, Bryce Hodgson, Donald Fong, Mike Cleven


    Peter Lhotka


    Small-town teacher Johnny Smith is involved in a car accident that leaves him comatose for approximately six years. After regaining consciousness, Johnny begins having visions of the past and future triggered by touching items or people; doctors attribute the visions to activity in a previously unused "dead zone" of his brain that is attempting to compensate for the impaired function of the portions injured in the accident. Johnny also learns that his fiancée, Sarah, gave birth to his son in the interim following the accident, but has since married another man. With the help of Sarah, her husband Walt, and physical therapist Bruce, Johnny begins using his abilities to help solve crimes. However, his attempts to do good are complicated by intermittent visions of apocalyptic events brought about following the future election of congressional candidate Greg Stillson.